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Deprecating SOAP API and other feature enhancements - 1.0.150824-r48b1

  • SOAP API completely removed for JIRA versions later than JIRA 5.
  • Bump supported OSX version to 10.8+
  • Add JIRA_LoginUser and JIRA_LoginPassword environment variables when executing custom scripts. The variables are deleted once the script completes running.
  • Fix main window closing behaviour on OSX
  • Set DisplayVersion in installer for Windows
  • Disable system tray when running under Unity until AppIndicators can be properly supported.
  • Ship Ubuntu OpenSSL libraries to provide support for more Linux distros with incompatible SSL libraries.
  • OSX: display elapsed time for current task
  • Do not assign user explicitly when submitting a worklog as per JIRA defaults
  • Fix bug with handling start-workflow-action custom setting
  • OSX Mavericks support
  • Implement a more flexible and efficient idle time dialog
  • Possible workaround for OnDemand issue where issue IDs randomly change

Tech upgrade - 1.0.131007-rc348

  • Tech upgrade. Report issues to
  • Known issues: Dock icon on Mac is no longer coloured.
  • Clear filters when syncing to go offline so that deleted filters are no longer saved

Bug fixes - 1.0.130817-r24dc

  • OnDemand: due to OnDemand's usage of Crowd, avoid logging out as this causes logout issues for browser sessions. Use different mechanism than before for ensuring connection still valid (again)
  • Minor first-time setup adjustments
  • Add valid license check to installer

Bug fixes - 1.0.130411-r68f5

  • Move pending worklog database to its own xml file. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL WORKLOGS BEFORE UPGRADING.
  • Handle REST API bug where no JSON is returned sometimes
  • Final (?) workaround for JIRA OnDemand session timeout issue.
  • Attempt to work around OnDemand issue with worklog authors.
  • JIRA 5+: Use project description in UI.

Minor feature enhancements and bug fixes - 1.0.130317-r7dfb

  • Implement autocomplete for notes instead of a default, forced value to avoid redundant worklog comments
  • Attempt to fix issue with getting logged out from JIRA
  • Support proxy authentication when using JIRA 5. Also implement support for http_proxy environment variable convention.
  • Add use-soap-only advanced config to control whether to use SOAP or not, even when connecting to JIRA 5.
  • Ubuntu 12.04 is the new minimum requirement for Ubuntu
  • Fix issue with JIRA 5 which caused local timesheet to display incorrect information

Bugfix release - 1.0.2123

  • Stop using the damn network when going offline!
  • Add JIRA_IsSubtask=1 when the issue a subtask
  • If an "issue toggle timer" script fails, the timer is turned off.
  • Fix crash on Mac

New custom scripts and minor enhancements - 1.0.2103

  • Implement new custom script types: issue timer toggled and timed scripts. Now, you can execute custom actions when an issue timer is toggled on or off as well as execute scripts every minute. See documentation for more information.
  • Modify installer to uninstall before installing
  • Don't bother connecting to the extended API if JIRA version is sufficient
  • To ensure a session is active, perform a benign call before bringing out the big guns (logging in again). This is required to work around a bug/feature in hosted JIRA
  • Implement worklog visibility for JIRA 5

Minor feature enhancement - 1.0.2075

  • Update certificate file

Minor feature enhancement - 1.0.2069

  • When viewing the timesheet, retrieve issues from server if they are not in the local cache
  • Fix crash on Mac

Bugfix release - 1.0.2051

  • JIRA 5: ensure that filter retrieves all issues, not just the first 50
  • Work around bugs with certain JIRA SLA plugins
  • JIRA 5: Fix due date parse bug
  • Ubuntu: always link to libssl 0.9.8

Bugfix release - 1.0.2014

  • Fix support for Ubuntu 10.04
  • Follow proxy redirects for version query
  • Fix a problem with self-signed certificates for both JIRA 4 and 5
  • Technology upgrade

Minor feature enhancements - 1.0.1992

  • Use local conventions for date/times in "Set Start Time" dialog. See GSFN thread.
  • Fix bug in version sniffing code where older JIRA versions were misparsed.
  • Fix regression in notes behaviour. See support thread.
  • Use notes from current comment when logging work. See support thread.
  • Fixes for JIRA 3.x (upgrade people, upgrade...)
  • Switch to g++-4.5 for builds on Ubuntu as g++-4.4 seems to have gone off the deep end.

JIRA 5 support! - 1.0.1985

  • JIRA 5 is now officially supported! The REST API is used for most operations with fallbacks to SOAP. This means that the SOAP interface is still necessary.
  • Major overhaul of SSL system to be more predictable and most importantly does not require Internet Explorer to cooperate anymore. Please contact us ASAP if you have a problem.
  • Ubuntu package fixes.

Major feature enhancements - 1.0.1891

  • Implement grouping by field for timesheet
  • Add support for security level and parent summary (requires server-side plugin plugin upgrade)
  • Add configuration option to submit all worklog comments as comments. Yes I gave in. NEW CONFIGURATION ITEM. Grr
  • Reorganize configuration dialog
  • Added keyboard shortcut + menu item for "Log Work" action (Command+L on Mac, Ctrl+L otherwise).
  • Windows/Mac installer tweaks
  • Fix bug where timesheet data would not show up if username differed from server
  • Discontinue support for OSX on PPC.
  • Fix a race condition causing a crash.
  • Use Internet password storage on Mac.

JIRA 4.4 compatibility and minor feature enhancements - 1.0.1846

  • Make "Add worklog comment as comment" sticky so that any subsequent submitted worklog comments are also added as comments. See support issue.
  • Improve JIRA 4.4 compatibility by creating new server-side plugin.

Bug fixes - 1.0.1830

  • Cache issues when retrieving from JQL search
  • Fix bug where parent keys would not show up for certain issues.
  • Fix bug where tracking reminder shows up multiple times
  • Do not refresh filter on every worklog submission as this can slow things down on auto-submission
  • Ensure that dates are valid when refreshing timesheet
  • Write log to disk (cleared every restart of app)
  • Fix crash when importing worklogs from server
  • Re-order widgets in log work dialog to avoid unfortunate usability issue
  • Work around the issue where Windows may not allow the user to encrypt their password.
  • Possibly fix crash when attempting to connect to JIRA in rapid succession.

Bug fixes - 1.0.1796

  • Possible fix for multiple worklog submission (ignore any errors that occur after submitting the worklog)
  • Fix for idle detection dialog where it wasn't showing up for some users
  • Submit worklogs in order of start time

Re-assign active timer - 1.0.1793

  • Possible fix for crash when submitting multiple worklogs with closed issues in the pending queue
  • Implement support for parent key in server-side plugin and expose in application. See billions of email requests as well as support thread
  • Implement the ability to re-assign the active timer.

Worklog export - 1.0.1784

  • Update server-side plugin for JIRA 4.2
  • Make loading animation disappear when task is completed. Reported via email.
  • 2 x Add more debug logging.
  • Summary field can be null with the SOAP API
  • Be more tolerant when caching for offline use
  • Implement worklog export. See documentation for details.
  • Allow user to refresh worklogs for currently displayed issues in timesheet. Reported via email and support forum.
  • Change timesheet format to fractional hours only
  • Add export timesheet to HTML functionality
  • Fix spelling error in pending worklogs tab. Reported via forum.

Bug fixes - 1.0.1742

  • Bug fix for crash when importing worklogs

Timesheet reporting - 1.0.1727

  • Implemented timesheet reporting. See documentation.
  • Improved debug logging
  • Improved internationlization
  • Fixed sort by priority bug. See support thread.
  • Implement round-to-nearest minute for second components of worklogs. See support thread. Also, round consolidated worklogs to the nearest minute.
  • Workflows unable in cached mode
  • Invalidate invalid cache.
  • Ignore extra returned-from-idle signal. See support thread.
  • Change "Use cache" to "Work offline"
  • Implement JQL support for the "Search JIRA" input. Only supported for JIRA 4.0+.
  • Fixed sort by priority and versions bug. See support threads: priority, versions.

Offline support - 1.0.1586

  • Offline work/cache mode. See documentation..
  • Improve use of background workers.
  • Drop support for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
  • Make sure worklog comments are submitted when switching filters.
  • Always reset notes to last comment used for active issue (or empty). Fix for issue reported in support thread.
  • Fix issue with worklog comments and offline logging.
  • Improved ability to develop localizations.

Custom scripts - 1.0.1531

  • New custom scripts feature allows you to script custom actions. See documentation
  • Fix for crash reported by e-mail.
  • Technology upgrade.
  • Secret message.
  • Assign away time to previous issue automatically and automatically resume tracking same issue. See support thread.
  • Automate update downloads.
  • Remove issue link on bottom right that just serves to confuse.

Minor updates - 1.0.1454

  • Improve "invalid license" error message.
  • Usability: Remove jarring "success" message boxes. Let me know if you have some annoying message boxes you'd like to get rid of.
  • Usability: Improve loading animation.
  • Minor optimizations.
  • Work around some gnome-keyring issues on latest Ubuntu.
  • Retrieve last worklog comment used for active issue.
  • If keyring cannot save password, keep it in memory.
  • Automatically submit worklogs by default.
  • Fix issue on Ubuntu with minimizing to tray. See support thread.
  • Windows installer improvements.
  • Automatically launch on startup for Windows. See support thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1414

  • Network performance tweaks.
  • Mac: Fix bug when closing the window where you could not bring it back without an app restart. Now you can click the menu or dock icons.
  • Windows: Fix issue with system tray popup menu not disappearing after losing focus.
  • Internationalization (no localization yet).

Minor improvements - 1.0.1404

  • Usability improvements.
  • Allow column filtering by name when choosing visible columns.

Bug fixes - 1.0.1389

  • Fix issue where workflow was being progressed erroneously for all issues in open state.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1387

  • Log entry window should not close when input is invalid. Reported via email.
  • Start the timer if progress is set to "In Progress" and also execute "Start Progress" workflow action when starting the timer on an issue. See suggestion thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1380

  • Improve first time launch experience.

Major bug fix - 1.0.1370

  • Fix "Unknown error" issue. This was caused by Axis on the server side sometimes returning different types. See support thread. This is why I love coding in C++: I can make fun of Java bugs. Although I guess the guy who wrote the code causing this problem actually caused me to do more work which means I lose. Oh well. Thanks to the awesome users on the referenced thread for their patience and help.

Bug fix - 1.0.1358

  • Do not round or consolidate worklogs until worklog submission time. See support thread.

Bug fixes - 1.0.1355

  • Log work dialog does not need to show elapsed time when user initiates manual work logging. See support thread.
  • Ignore worklogs of less than 15 seconds to prevent accidental worklogs from being included. See support thread.
  • Fix upgrade download links for Ubuntu builds. Ubuntu and Linux users are recommended to upgrade.

Bug fixes - 1.0.1347

  • Probable fix for crash when publishing worklogs to closed issues. Please get in touch if you have experience either way.
  • Improve performance when performing network operations.
  • Remove confusing message when two instances of WLA are launched.

Worklog rounding - 1.0.1339

  • Implement worklog rounding. See documentation
  • Fix license extension issue where the process would not begin.
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting a worklog. See support thread.

Bug fixes and minor improvements - 1.0.1316

  • Use updated runtime installer and avoid extra temporary files in root of drive. See support thread.
  • Fix bug in loading site configuration where prior settings were not made editable when requested.

Worklog rounding - 1.0.1304

Bug fixes - 1.0.1276

  • Remove displayed icon for active task. See support thread.
  • When submitting worklogs, start progress on the issue automatically.
  • Fix bug where key would disappear when refreshing. See support thread.
  • Prevent post-startup operation from logging to system logs.
  • Windows: Improve runtime installation.
  • Allow the use of the delete key or backspace to delete pending worklogs. See support thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1135

  • Truncate link to issue on the bottom right of the main screen if it gets too long.
  • Expand pending worklog with single click rather than double-click
  • Add the ability to delete worklogs by issue rather than individually.
  • Add the ability to submit worklogs automatically via application configuration.
  • Fix bug where dates in custom fields would interpret a two digit date as an offset from 1900. The behaviour has been altered so that two digit-years are now interpreted relative to the current date.
  • Tab key now tabs out of comments field when logging work (right-click issue, log work)
  • Use buttons in configuration dialog instead of hyperlinks.

Use Gnome keyring on Linux - 1.0.1131

  • Store passwords using Gnome Keyring on Linux.
  • Fix assertion bug when deleting worklogs. See support thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1128

  • Added extra logging.
  • Fix bug where pending worklogs would not show up at startup.
  • Do not ask about idle time when the away time is more than 5 hours. See support thread.
  • When idle time is detected, use the time the user went idle rather than the time elapsed. This allows the user to leave the dialog open and come back to it later without losing accuracy.
  • Suggest installation of the JIRA plugin if it is not already detected.
  • Linux: Load instead of
  • Show sum of pending worklogs in pending worklogs tab title for quick reference.
  • Change to using treeview for pending worklogs.
  • Mac: Add badge label to indicate amount of time unsubmitted as well as time elapsed on current task.

Minor fix - 1.0.1123

  • Windows: Fix issue where project role (for time tracking) was not being properly saved.

Minor fixes - 1.0.1122

  • Fix issue with clicking key jumping to wrong rows. See support thread.
  • Fix crash when clicking on link while issue is highlighted. Reported by email.
  • Fix system tray icon hanging around after process exit.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1118

  • Updated to use new icon. You might need to delete the icon cache on Windows to see new icon. See this article for more. See the following support threads:
  • Mac: When clicking system tray icon, if process is hidden, show it, otherwise make it the front process.
  • Mac: Use Command-R and Command-Shift-R to refresh issues, and filters and issues respectively.
  • For custom fields: if data can be parsed by the pattern found in the "date-format" field of the settings, then treat it as a date. See expected format. See support thread.

Minor fix - 1.0.1116

Improvements - 1.0.1115

  • When submitting worklogs, submit all worklogs that can be submitted. Indicate in red those which fail due to JIRA rejecting them for some reason. See support thread.
  • Fix issue where filtering the result set did not update the issues tab count. See support thread.
  • For Mac, we do not yet handle Growl's "clicked" message. Therefore, disable the "click this message" part of the notifications.
  • For Mac, when the menu bar icon is clicked, set the process to be the front process.
  • For Mac, remove the option to "minimize to system tray." It is more natural to minimize to dock for Mac. See support thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1113

  • Fix for issues with invisible column names and having all columns marked as visible. See support thread. Note that the user will need to reconfigure the columns as desired.
  • Remove redundant information from log work screen. See support thread.

Minor fix - 1.0.1111

  • Fix crash resulting from Mac painting fix.

Idle time detection - 1.0.1108

  • Implement idle time detection. Worklog Assistant now detects whether your computer has become idle and stops the active task. When you return, you will be asked whether you would like to apply the away time to a JIRA task, for example, a catch-all task for meetings. See documentation.
  • Fix case-sensitivity issue with application bundle on MacOS.
  • Fix bug with Mac repainting. See support thread.
  • Add issue key as part of "issue" field in pending worklogs tab.
  • Fix issue with small idle periods detected.
  • Updates to idle time detection issue selection window.
  • Fix tooltip wrapping issue once and for all(?). See support thread.
  • Ensure notes are copied to worklog entry when switching tasks.
  • Ensure there are no duplicates when using "other issues" field. See support thread.
  • Make "Other issues" field case insensitive. Algorithm attempts to use key as-is and if that fails, uses upper-cased key. See support thread.
  • Rename "Other issues" field to "Search JIRA" and "Quick Filter" to "Filter results".
  • Modify "Search JIRA" field to allow for arbitrary text searches.
  • Add special empty filter to allow for ad-hoc searches.
  • Fix bug with "Choose issue" dialog when returning from idle.
  • Fix for incomplete exit.
  • Modify message for duplicate instance detection to hopefully be easier to understand.

Improvements and technology upgrade - 1.0.1105

  • Technical upgrade.
  • Add "reset table column states" action in configuration dialog to reset the column state in case of elusive bug. See support thread.
  • Different implementation to detect multiple instances of Worklog Assistant. See here and here (and many emails!)

Minor improvements - 1.0.1103

  • Use widget overlays to render project and issue key links. See GetSatisfaction thread.
  • Truncate tooltip if the issue description contains more than 1001 characters (1001 for fun.)
  • Windows-only: If the CRL server cannot be contacted, show a message. See support thread.
  • Show number of issues in issues tab.
  • Improvements to tray icon. See support thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1101

  • Ability to disable SSL via configuration option.
  • When right-clicking columns, if there are more than 24 fields, redirect user to the "Choose Custom Fields" dialog.
  • Fix bug where Worklog Assistant would not show the subtask issue types. See GetSatisfaction thread
  • Possible workaround for annoying issue when restoring view state. See GetSatisfaction thread.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1099

  • Make choose visible dialogs scrollable.
  • Update various tooltips.

Minor improvements - 1.0.1095

  • Add some text in log work UI to make the "time spent" syntax more obvious.
  • Add a context menu for the system tray icon
  • Reminder balloon: include pending worklogs as well when computing time elapsed.
  • Add text to pending worklogs tab clarifying that the user can double-click a column to edit its value.

Minor fixes - 1.0.1091

  • Mac OSX: Fix bug where we would attempt to add the same password twice in the default keychain resulting in a crash.

Enterprise deployment improvements - 1.0.1083

  • Reminder balloon: Fix issue where on Windows, when minimized to the system tray, clicking reminder would open up main window minimized rather than restored. See support thread.
  • Enterprise deployment: When importing a configuration file, apply all settings rather than only settings available in configurator UI.
  • Enterprise deployment: Modify configurator to allow setting of arbitrary fields. See configurator screenshot.

Set start time - 1.0.1080

  • When a user changes their AD domain, the stored password can no longer be deciphered and the user needs to manually delete the stored password. In this case, reset the password and have the user re-enter it.
  • Fix an issue where a user would see square boxes in place of newlines. See thread.
  • Added the ability to set the start time for the currently running issue. See GetSatisfaction thread.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Reminder balloon: Show estimated time remaining as well.

Reminder message - 1.0.1078

  • Delay all loading until after main UI is visible. If any problems occur, log them to debug log.
  • Add a menu item/action to send feedback about Worklog Assistant
  • Add a quick filter input.
  • When minimize to tray is disabled, don't show the system tray icon. This allows KDE users to work around a bug until it is fixed. See GetSatisfaction thread.
  • Add the ability to increase the timeout. Sometimes this is needed for filters that return a large number of results.
  • Add periodic message to remind user to track time.

Enterprise deployment - 1.0.1075

Major improvements - 1.0.1074

  • When submitting worklogs, detect if an issue has been moved and submit using the right issue key.
  • If no filters are found, let the user know with a link to the configured server's manage filters page.
  • Minor Windows and Linux installer updates.
  • Fix an issue that sometimes even when a column is visible, it would not show up.
  • Modify UI to be slightly standard-conforming: Add menubars and shortcuts. Additionally, on Mac, use unified toolbars.
  • Add the ability to set the visibilty of submitted worklogs by project role. See GetSatisfaction thread and documentation.
  • Add actions and shortcuts for some common actions. See GetSatisfaction thread.
  • Possible fix for "stream error" with certain issues that have issue types that could not be retrieved from JIRA. This may affect users with customized issue types.
  • For the "Choose Visible Columns" dialog, add keyboard shortcuts for each entry.
  • Add debug log menu entry.
  • Reduce wasted screen real estate.
  • Some performance improvements for issues introduced by using custom JIRA plugin.
  • Round up anything less than 1 minute to 1 minute to avoid any complaints from JIRA.
  • Hyperlink project and issue keys to allow quick access to issues or projects. See GetSatisfaction thread.

Server-side plugin for extra fields - 1.064

  • Add ability to disable tooltips on issues (helpful when descriptions are gigantic!)
  • Add JIRA RPC end-point to enable access to other time-tracking related fields. See documentation.
  • Add support for additional JIRA fields through plugin above: Original estimate, remaining estimate and time spent.
  • Add support for custom fields. See GetSatisfaction thread and numerous emails. Full support requires installation of above linked JIRA plugin.
  • Add a dialog to choose visible columns rather than relying on right-click alone. With many custom fields, it becomes very tedious to choose one at a time.
  • Show time component only for "Updated" field. Created and due dates show only date components.
  • Add Mac support.
  • Implement natural sort for all non-numerical fields and custom fields. See GetSatisfaction thread.

JIRA issue fields - 1.0.1062

  • Add JIRA fields (custom fields forthcoming):
    • Fix/Affects Versions
    • Created/Updated/Due dates
    • Reporter
    • Resolution
    • Number of votes
    • Assignee
    • Attachments
    • Components
    • Environment (OS/etc)
  • Show a small subset of possible fields when first installing WLA.
  • Sort the list of fields lexically when specifying visible/invisible columns.
  • Removed annoying "frozen" screen when logging into a slow server.
  • Removed "warn on too many issues" configuration option.
  • Add the ability to amend the issues a filter returns. See GetSatisfaction thread and documentation.
  • When submitting a worklog, if the "Add Worklog as Comment" field is checked, only add the worklog comment as a comment rather than all the specifics about the work log.

Enterprise deployment - 1.0.1058

Checking for updates - 1.0.1053

  • Make checking for updates optional.
  • Really fix problem with column visibility being reset in odd cases. Really.

Fixes - 1.0.1051

Many improvements - 1.0.1047

  • Improved system tray behaviour (GetSatisfaction thread)
  • Add a section for notes on the current task. This will automatically become the worklog comments once the timer is stopped. See GetSatisfaction thread and documentation.
  • The update button now only shows up if there is an actual update.
  • Enter a worklog directly by right-clicking on an issue. All fields in the Pending Worklog tab are supported. See documentation.
  • Ability to enter remaining time estimate when submitting a worklog. See documentation.
  • Move automated check for updates to a background thread.
  • Ensure that when columns are added, they are shown as visible upon upgrade.
  • Add "toggle timer" button for a more visible way to start tracking time (I still prefer double-clicking!)
  • Ability to add issue comments. See documentation
  • Use CTRL+Page Up/Page Down to navigate tabs
  • A bunch of little bug fixes.

First official release - 1.0.1021